Romantic or Group Eating Experiences

There is something about spending a quiet moment together, under the stars, or watching the sun come up, that makes time stand still. Have a quiet meal together, or a loud meal with the family, brings not only your body nourishment, but your heart as well.

“White Beach resort” caters are famous for typical Local “Malwani food”.

We have anticipated your every mood, and provided many settings for you to embrace both the food and the moment, as you dine in perfect harmony “White Beach resort”.

Guests can enjoy several indoor and outdoor settings, depending on the number of guests and the goal of the meal.

Malvani cuisine, like Malvani Konkani, is a variation of the Karwari and Goan cuisines. The fiery seafood curries may be a bit too spicy for some but at same time quite tasty too. Sol Kadhi a pink colored digestive drink made from the kokam fruit and coconut Milk is often accompanied along with hot and spicy meal as it is very soothing.

Although dominated by seafood there are a few Veg. specials too in Malvani cuisine.

Food in Malvan

The use of coconut in Malvani food is liberal in all its froms; grated, fried, paste and coconut milk.


Malvani Fish Curry:
Malvani is the only culinary style in India in which boiled fish is used for the coconut-based curries. In most other regions and styles, fish is generally fried before being cooked into the curry.

Kombdi Vade:
A non-vegetarian dish 'Kombdi Vade' is a combination of traditional chicken curry and 'Vade' made of rice flour, and occasionally of wheat and Ragi flour.

Solkadhi is made from Kokum, the dried peel of the luscious red fruit, Ratamba or Garcinia, which the Portuguese brought into India along with chilies and potatoes. Solkadhi is a pink colored digestive drink often accompanied with a hot and spicy meal.

How to Reach?

Tondavali falls under Malvan Taluka/Tehsil of Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra State in India, so the nearest halting point from anywhere in India, is Malvan City or Malvan Taluka Place.

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